Statement of Intent

To manage patients who are ill or believe themselves to be ill, with conditions from which recovery is generally expected, for the duration of that condition, including provision of relevant health promotion advice and referral as appropriate, reflecting patient choice wherever possible using best practice and evidence based treatments.

To manage patients who are terminally ill, recognising patients’ wishes regarding end of life care arrangements and involving services appropriate for the situation, aiming to achieve care levels to the gold standard framework.

To manage patients suffering with chronic diseases to optimise their quality of life and longevity; to involve them in decisions regarding their care and to promote improvement in lifestyle choices.

To undertake additional services for patients in accordance with national programmes including cervical screening, vaccination and immunisation, child health surveillance and maternity services but excluding intra partum care.

To provide holistic care for all registered patients, including both structured and opportunistic health promotion and management of patients’ appropriate continuing care after acute referrals.

To provide a competent workforce, with appropriate skills and training, properly equipped to carry out their duties.

To provide cost effective care and treatment and to take account of patient views regarding practice services wherever possible.